Semi Supine Arm Exploration

Updated: May 15, 2020

If you suffer from stiff shoulders it can be useful to try out arm movements while lying in semi supine. Lying down means that your arm movements won't affect the rest of your body so much and you can find the arm muscles in the back and chest and release the weight of the arms back into the shoulders to ease stiffness in the shoulder blades and rotator cuff muscles. Don't do anything that is painful, work within your easy range of movement.

Before you lie down to do the exploration please check videos 1, 2 and 3 which explain what semi supine is, how to get up from semi supine and the arm movements you will do when lying down.

1. Semi Supine.

2. How to get up from Semi Supine

3. The arm movements in seated position

4. Ten minute semi-supine with arm movements:

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'After every lesson with Kathy, I felt more relaxed, centred, and whole. Kathy has wonderful hands; warm, sensitive and in control. Through the lessons, I became more attuned to my own posture and habits, so that I was able to adjust my working practice towards a more healthy and sustainable one.' Rachel. Visual Artist

Having Alexander Technique sessions with Kathy made me more aware how the my body works. This gave me an insight as to how to improve everyday movement. I learned something new every lesson. 

Nao. Performer and Theatre Technician

Kathy is kind and patient and I always leave the lessons feeling a bit more free in my body. I have back pain from scoliosis. (After lessons) I find that the pressure on my back is noticeably reduced. Alexander Technique will make you more curious about the way you move and why when doing habitual things. And the lessons are always with a sense of humour too.

Alex Lawther, Actor

Kathy’s such a skilled teacher, bringing insight and humour to guide gently in using the body in much more skilful ways. I’ve seen a huge difference in higher levels of energy - and lower levels of pain - since working with her. And it’s a lot of fun too!

Damian, Policy Advisor, City of London

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