I have spent my adult life playing a variety of instruments and singing. This interest in music led me to train as a Kodály music educator and I have spent almost 20 years teaching music in primary schools in London. I constantly suffered from voice strain problems. Learning piano I found that I suffered from pain, numbness and tingling in my hands and arms. All this was on top of a lifetime of soreness and stiffness in my upper back and shoulders. I saw myself as someone who just didn’t have good posture, never athletic and doomed to stoop more and more in old age.

I have tried many forms of treatment for my various problems and over the years found that the Alexander Technique was the thing that seemed to offer a global solution. Whenever I had found the money to give myself some lessons I got a tantalising glimpse of the possibility of a life free from voice strain and sore shoulders and wrists.

My three years of training (STAT certified training courses minimum) have allowed me time to really make the changes to my use of my body that allow me now to teach and sing without strain, to practise the piano without getting numb fingers and to enjoy the feeling of spring in the body when it is used well.


I love sharing the Alexander Technique with people from all walks of life and think it has something to offer everybody with an interest in living their life to the full.

I am a graduate of the Alexander Studio Wandsworth and a member of STAT (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique).