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Slouch and Still Have Good Posture!

Updated: Jan 21

Slouching isn't lazy!

It's almost universally accepted that slouching is A BAD THING.

Despite the fact that there is no evidence that slouching is any worse for you than sticking the chest out and overarching the back (think of the classic sergeant major posture). It is possible to slouch and still have good overall posture.

Slouching causes the sloucher to contract their neck to pull the head up to see the world around them, rather than constantly look at the floor.

Plus, in my opinion, it can't be good for the back to be constantly rounded into a C curve. 

curved, neutral, overextended posture positions

Slouching might be considered a lazy or collapsed posture, but here's the thing:

the only way to achieve a slouch is to contract the stomach muscles!

So instead of thinking of 'slouching', think of 'pulling down' and just let go of your abdominal muscles.

Think of your stomach as a sponge that you have been contracting. Let the muscles of your stomach expand in every direction, creating tone and space up the front of your spine. As your head rises, let the weight of it sink your sitting bones into your chair. As your head rises, feel your neck lengthen and enjoy the feel of it unraveling. 

The minute you feel your chest poking forward or your sitting feels unsustainable tilt forward a little and enjoy a feeling of length in your back, then tilt back and restore your head on top of your expanded stomach muscles. 

Let me know in the comments below if this helped you!

-Kathy x

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