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Expanding into Massage in 2024

Kathy Hulme holding massage oil bottles

I see massage and Alexander Technique as two distinct disciplines that can help and inform each other and though each requires a different skill set from me as a practitioner, they have a common requirement of 'good hands'.

What does that mean?

It means that a gentle touch can have a surprising power.

In my Alexander work the hands are used in what might be considered a passive way but the hands are used to 'listen' to the musculature under the skin, to feel if and how the joints are responding to the work, to note the rhythms of the breath.

In my massage work, my hands are active, moving muscles with a variety of techniques, flowing (effleurage), focussed (petrissage), and percussive, all to move muscles and stimulate blood and lymph flow.

When I give a massage, I never fully take my Alexander hat off for two important reasons: firstly I use AT to take care of myself while I massage so that I don't develop tension in myself which then communicates to my client;

secondly, even when my hands are active, finding areas of tension and working on them, they are also trained to receive information from the client.

I'm now delighted to offer massage alongside my Alexander Technique lessons.

Kathy Hulme holding massage diploma

Why massage?

Massage is a treatment. If you want to take a break from your busy life, to lie there and not have to think and end up feeling relaxed and invigorated, then massage is the thing to go for. Regular massage can keep stress and tension at bay and undo aches and pains from repetitive activities at work, sports, or performance. A massage might also help relieve muscle spasms in order to prepare for a series of Alexander lessons.

Why Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique is education. Expect to be challenged and occasionally frustrated and to be given homework. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

This is deep work to bring about changes in the way you use your body to develop ease and avoid injury.

Even though one lesson can bring about huge changes, it generally takes time.

-Happy New Year Everyone,

Kathy x

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