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So, you've had an Alexander Technique lesson...

A first lesson can be a confusing experience. One might feel great after the lesson but wonder how it's going to help with the rest of your life.

Here are some reminders of points that I usually cover in a first Alexander Technique lesson and a reminder to lie down in semi-supine position whenever you wish - and whenever you can.

  • practise lying down for short periods as often as you can during the day. Use it as an opportunity to release the shoulders and feel the neck soften and the head lengthen away from the body.

  • in any movement, or at any time look out for unnecessary tension in your action - for example: how tightly do you hold your toothbrush?

  • think about the joint where the head meets the neck, it might be higher up than you thought before, and deeper inside the skull. Practise thinking about release, how the head can fall forward from that point, as the plastic skull fell forward on your hand. Can you 'think freedom' into that joint?

  • in your fitness activities and when you are standing and sitting think about deep hinge at the hips, hips back and knees forward. 

  • practise 'standing on your sitting bones' rather than sitting. 

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