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Marcus Rashford's posture.

In the picture below you can see how Marcus Rashford stands. I don't know if he's ever heard of Alexander Technique, but his stance in this picture shows his head perfectly balanced above his feet, whereas his team mate has a more familiar 'hips forward' stance. Both Sancho and Rashford are elite athletes at the top of their game and neither has anything to prove. However I when I saw this photo I was struck by that quality of 'up' that comes from a good sense of balance and relationship to the ground, that maybe reflects Rashford's clear sense of purpose on and off the pitch. It's great to see the principles of Alexander Technique embodied in a national hero.

Have you ever caught sight of yourself in a photograph? How was your posture? Come for an Alexander Technique lesson and see if you can learn to be a little more Rashford...

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