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Why Are Group Workshops Great?

Alexander Technique is most commonly taught in 1:1 lessons. Lessons usually last 45 minutes, during which the teacher will use their hands to guide the pupil's body to let go of unnecessary tension and find a new balance, free from ingrained habits. It can be an intense experience, involving changing habits of mind and body. The student might leave the lesson feeling freer, taller, more balanced, or uncomfortably challenged. It can change from lesson to lesson as the student develops a new awareness of the way they use their body.

It's tempting to look at a group Alexander Technique Workshop as a 'second best' Alexander lesson, a cheaper alternative. But in my experience group workshops are a great addition to 1:1 lessons as well as a good way to try out the Alexander Technique.

So what are the benefits of group work?

  • Exploring Alexander principles in a group setting means you can see the progress others make when they change their thinking. Something that can be difficult to see in a 1:1 lesson.

  • When you make a gain in a workshop without the teacher's 'hands-on' experience it can be easier for you to work with that idea independently.

  • When you work with a partner and help them achieve a breakthrough you articulate the principles and clarify the ideas for yourself.

  • You can have fun and meet people who are also interested in the Alexander Technique.

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